How to use a wallet other than the to withdraw my BAT?

I have verified my brave creators account and I want to add a wallet to withdraw BAT. But brave only shows option to add wallet. Researching about, i found out that they have heavy processing fee which as a creator will make my life harder and also I need to do KYC verification. How is that going to protect my privacy? By explicitly giving out my personal details? So, how do I add a different wallet to my creators account?

KYC is required by law.

Regarding other wallet, currently not possible. Uphold is the only option. Other method may be added in the future.

Is connecting an Uphold account my only option?

We are working to bring other withdrawal options and vendors, apart from Uphold, to Brave Rewards.

So, what is the status of the above? Also when will civic KYC be added?

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