How to update registered country to keep using uphold & brave rewards

Dear Brave Community,

I have been using the Brave browser for nearly two years up to now. I am living in London, the United Kingdom which is listed under the “supported regions” list. But my account is not able to connect with Uphold at the moment. But, in the past, I was using uphold without any error message or problem. Now, for a reason, my account is not connected with uphold anymore.

Could you please help me with this problem? How can I start using my Brave Rewards and my uphold account again?

P.S. During the pandemic, I visited Turkey, and I think I created my account there, but I am living and working in the UK. Can I update my registration location/country?

Thank you for your support in advance.

You would need to do that through Uphold. Just so you know, you’ll have to completely KYC/AML with UK information. This means you can’t use Turkey passport in the process. If you use Turkey passport or ID, then that’s where it locks you into and where you’ll be verified, despite of where you may be living at the time.

You will need to create a support ticket with Uphold at at

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Yes, @Saoiray is correct: we use the country of issuance for your ID document to determine your custodial account country.

A second option is to wait until Turkey is re-enabled. It’s one of the countries on the table next for re-enablement for Uphold. Talked to the team about Turkey yesterday :slight_smile:

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