How to update Extensions?



Win 8.1 x64 brave 0.14.1

According the last few security updates of Lastpass itself I had a look at the installed version and detected that’s the old one. Actually it is version 4.1.43.xx but they recommend version 4.1.44.xx or higher for security reasons. (

Therefore my question how to update an installed extension in brave? Unfortunately the extension menu does not provide any options for handling the extensions. So I’ve already tried to remove the installation folder of the extension but after the start of brave the same version was recovered.

Hopefully there is any way to solve this issue.


LastPass security extension not updated for latest vulnerability fix

Similarly, but for me it’s 1password. I’m a beta tester for 1password, and I can’t figure out how to keep the extension current. Guess updating isn’t supported?


I would also like to know if there are any plans or a way to keep updated extensions.


I’d also really appreciate it if you were to reply here considering it’s very related topic - How will you push updates for future extensions?


It’s sometimes not as straightforward as anyone would like because it’s a dialog between developments in standards, OS, Browser, and Extension developers.

A great example is some new work being done with Native Messaging in 1Password.
It’s a wonderful improvement, but it also requires a lot of under-the-hood effort from both agilebits and us.

Quickly it becomes an either-or function as we have a limited number of engineers to work on extensions.

If folks from the community want to help with the development of extensions I’m sure @sampson would appreciate some more hands. :slight_smile:


I don’t see where you question has even been answered, its a great browser, but I can’t seem to update the extension, it like Brave has the technical side down, but are not concerning themselves with the ease of use for the end user of the product.


which version number do you get? I’m seeing on about:preferences#extensions, thought I’m not sure if it is the latest which is available.