How to update brave and i have some suggestions for the brave developers

Hello the developers of brave, please update brave browser recently I opened many one site through brave and I got error and site does not opening properly the site is , don’t know this is site issue or browser issue because my internet connection is very best. please doo check from your end. Well, I have some features suggestions so please note these features and please add into brave browser.

  1. Please add whatsapp web panel into brave browser it will helpful for brave users.
  2. And, add screenshot feature, with screenshot feature we can take screenshot of screen, many times its take time to take screenshot with any software. and, if you will add screenshot feature into brave it will very helpful and it will make brave more better browser.
  3. please make a any site where we all have to create account and after that when we login to any site through brave then password save into that site and later we can find password from that site by login password and username. You should make it better then google password manager

Well, these 3 is my suggestions please consider these 3 and please also tell me how can I update brave browser because I facing issue by update it. don’t know this error from your end or its my pc fault. and, thank you so much in advance for always helping us

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