How to unlock profile that keeps brave from starting

I wouldn’t be posting this if someone out there in Brave would simply have told us in the goddam error message how to unlock the goddam profile:

This is the arrogance and hubris of programming knowitalls that have been providing useless fucking messages since Unix day one:

"Brave has locked the profile so that it doesn’t get corrupted. If you are sure no other processes are using this profile, you can unlock the profile and relaunch Brave.

I searched and only found something pertaining to Fedora, somehow you decided to make the profiles different on various versions of Linux.

So tell us coder kids, how do we delete or ignore the fucking profile that is keeping your browser from loading?

Locate the file(s) with find -iname SingletonLock and then remove the file(s) associated with Brave with the rm command, e.g.:
rm ./snap/brave/339/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/SingletonLock
The path may vary depending on whether you installed Brave directly or as a snap.

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I wrongfully assumed you were someone with Brave, but now I see they don’t even monitor these discussions and just let the blind lead the blind.

Seems like I need to just get rid of Brave and go back to Firefox.