How to unlink rewards wallet an old and inaccessible device?

The form to unlink brave rewards requires information present in brave://internal-rewards/, eg Wallet Address:, Guardian Member ID.

How will I know this information without having access to the previous device?.

In my opinion:

Linked devices that have been idle for a long time should be automatically unlinked.


It should be possible to disconnect all rewards wallets using the linked account id.

Do you want to Unlink rewards from your custodial wallet (Geminin or uphold)?

In my case, it’s the uphold…

Go to Uphold > integrations > and remove brave integration with uphold manually (You will find the delete button in the upper right corner).

Screenshot 2022-05-15 at 7.28.02 AM

this doesn’t work as it will keep saying that i have reached the limit of Devices.

I wanted to unlink the old devices so I could link new ones as I reached the Brave rewards device limit.

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