How to uninstall Brave from Windows 10 completely?


How to uninstall Brave from Windows 10 completely, so that the settings of the old installation won’t come into the new installation.


I;m sorry for late response @Varuna,

You should remove Brave folder under %userprofile%\AppData\Local (Start > Run > paste path) and %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming (Start > Run > paste path).

Hope that can help.


This doesn’t solve it completely. afater uninstallation there is still Brave / Brave Software / 0.21.18 - 157 MB / 08.03.2018 entry in Apps & Features - Windows 10 program listing! Button deinstall does not work. in ~/AppData/Local/Brave there is only a “.dead” File and a Update.exe
A Program should be able to completly deinstaill from the system itself. This is annoying.


Ok I found something, that it works with “appwiz.cpl” as admin. It did not with the standard Win10 app listing. Thanks.


It did not work for me, is there another method, please? :3

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