How to turn on adblocker on a website which can detect adblocker?

It’s a doubt of mine. There are some sites that detect our shield and ask us to turn them down. And you can’t operate the site if we don’t turn off the adblocker.
I hope Brave will fix this problem for us
site eg:- ,

Both opened fine on Brave here. I am using “Aggressive” mode of Brave Shield. So, try using it if you’re not already.

@afiyaarehman no issue here when I just tested:

Only thing close to a small issue would be that it has an overlay over the video you have to close to get it to play. I’m sure if we report that to @fanboynz and others, they can look into it and make adjustments to Shields later. But doesn’t seem to be any detection of adblocker.

@afiyaarehman Btw, as RedFlame mentioned, do make sure

  1. You have Shields set to Aggressive. My settings that I recommend are seen at PSA: Current FAQ - #28 by Saoiray

  2. Go to brave://components and make sure Brave Ad Block Updater is at Version: 1.0.385 (or better).

  3. Disable other adblock extensions if you’re using them. They aren’t necessary and they can trigger these things on websites.

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