How to transfer open Android tabs to PC?

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Description of the issue:
I have hundreds of open tabs in my Android phone’s Brave app, that I don’t want to lose.
I have been going through the tabs one by one, copying each individual link, then opening my Gmail app and inserting the link in one long e-mail to send to my self. Then on to the next tab and so on.

Is there an automatic, less time consuming and/or simpler way to compile a list of all the links from open tabs? (in order to open links on my PC).

Perhaps somehow through my phone’s Brave app data folders/files?

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
PC: Windows 10 Home version 2004, Brave version 1.18.70
Phone (non-rooted): Android version 7.0, Brave version 1.17.75


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