How to transfer my BAT to new phone

Well i still have my old device. I will wait till india become supported region. Then i can format and sell my old phone. :slight_smile:

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So, as shown @rodrige , it’s not against rules.
A company boss can add as many personal money as he wants inside his company, for me it’s same idea.
That’s why I don’t understand how it can be blocked, and why. This is not cheating with rewards, only self-tipping.
A political man can add a vote for himself during elections :wink:

lol, @petrus. I figure you’re just messing around but in case you’re being serious at all (and for anyone else seeing it)

I don’t understand why self-tipping is a problem for Brave… Really. May be an abusive rule. Since Brave is catching a % of the tips, I don’t see an ethic reason.

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