How to transfer BAT on iOS browser to my PC wallet?

Hi all, I’m new on iOS , before I was on Android and it was beautiful, but now I’m a bit confused because I can’t do what Brave tell me to do… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I will show you:

It’s in French so I translate for English speakers:

Brave Rewards payments are temporarily unavailable on this device. Transfer funds from your wallet to a computer wallet to keep your tokens.

How to do this?

I tried to follow the tutorial here (

) but I can’t see the button !

How to do please?

Thank you all, for me Brave is the best browser :smirk:

It is because Brave rewards is not supported on iOS anymore. It’s supported on MacOS though. You can check for yourself here.

That makes me think if you have BATs on the iOS device ? If no then thats the reason why you won’t be seeing such a button.

So it mean I need to wait until I can see my rewards ? Even if Brave seems to give them automatically to creators…?
What’s happening…. :disappointed:

Turn off auto contribute.

I mean, that have you ever claimed BATs on the IOS device?

How to do it please ? It seem to me that rewards and autocontribution are intricated :grimacing:

I never did it, I have an iPhone since only 3 days I’m really a f*cking newbie :grimacing:

Click on the rewards triangle → Click on the settings gear in the reward s drop down → scroll down and check if an option called ‘Auto Contribute’ is turned on ->If yes, you can disable it if you want.

Oh okay. Since you say you are using iOS since just three days ago and since Brave stopped rewards for iOS like in 2020 or something, it makes me think you mustn’t earned any rewards since iOS doesn’t get brave ads, so that answers why you can’t transfer BATs from iOS to PC.

Thank you for your help :+1:

But last question, I can still see adds , so I think that awards are just given to some creators randomly…?

Maybe a I can make a creator account and give them all to me ? :sunglasses:

Lol yea sure. But that could get you flagged.

Well then, I guess they still give ads but don’t pay BAT for them.