How to track Brave Payment enabled clients in my web server log?


I would like to at least be able to track which visitors to my websites are using the Brave browser, presumably by recognizing a unique “User Agent” pattern in the log files.

Ideally, I’d also like to know which visitors have Brave Payments enabled as well, though that might be in conflict with the visitors reasonable expectation of privacy.


If I could identify visitors who have Brave Payments enabled, then I could offer a higher grade of service on one of my websites for such visitors, and publicize this, encouraging more Brave users and payers.


CC @mrose for a comment.


an interesting idea: we’ve had several internal conversations about this, but don’t have a resolution yet.

if we proceed on this front, the best we can do is provide an indication that the browser is enabled for brave payments, but – for privacy – we wouldn’t be able to indicate whether or not the browser has previously contributed to the publisher it is visiting.

we’re still chewing on this, and hope to have some kind of direction in the near-term…



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