How to tell when Brave actually is syncing & finished

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  1. I’m using the snapped version (temporarily) of Brave Version 1.66.118 Chromium: 125.0.6422.147 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Kubuntu 24.04, desktop/tower, and in Kubuntu 24.04 in my HP Pavilion Plus Laptop, model 14-ey0095cl and want to keep them synchronized.
  2. It appears that I’ve set a synchronization chain code sequence correctly and that I’ve actually synchronized the two computers. But they don’t display the same tabs, and I don’t know how to 1. know what initiates the synchronization, when it’s completed, and where the tabs listing is, and 2. how and where the synchronization occurs.
  3. I haven’t found the answers to these questions online or in Brave’s various Help sources.

Expected result: My questions answered for my understanding.

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That’s an answer? I failed mind reading.

[quote=“RLynwood, post:1, topic:554728”]
Troubleshooting technical issues is much easier when both the user and support agent practice clear communication.[/quote]
Do you suppose you could explain that? It doesn’t yield anything in a browser’s search bar or in my terminal.

I’m not a support agent.
It’s a link, and it shows you all the available details about the sync process when you paste it into the address bar.

Thank you. I know you aren’t a support agent; you’re a knowledgeable user. I use forums all the time for help with problems I have with my Linux OS (the OS isn’t the problem, my tinkering is).
As my previous post said, I had put that address in an address bar and gotten nothing. I made a mistake. When I tried it now, it gave me the details you implied. But that didn’t answer my questions.
Does someone here know how to tell when the synchronizing is happening–what triggers it, and when it’s finished? And, where is a list of tabs in each of the computers being synced?