How to sync my all data including rewards, wallets and ... to my multiple devices?

i need to install brave browser on my mac and ios, but using the same account of my windows and sync everything like rewards and wallet, what should i do?

  1. You can’t sync Rewards between devices. The closest you can get to syncing is to connect them to the same Uphold/Gemini account, where it will pay to monthly.

  2. iOS doesn’t earn BAT.

  3. Wallet doesn’t officially have a Sync to it, but it can be applied to all the same devices. In order to do it you’ll need to go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio and Back Up Now. Use that seed phrase to Recover on your other devices and they’ll all be using the same Wallet.

  4. Passwords and other things will be synced by going to the Sync menu from your Settings in Brave. Make sure to create a chain on just 1 device. Then on all others you’ll be choosing to add to an existing chain and will input the sync code provided by the device that you created the sync chain on.

In regards to #4, be advised the sync code changes daily. So it will only work same day. You won’t be able to keep it as a backup for the future and if you unlink any of your devices, you’ll need to generate a new sync code from one of the others to connect to it again.

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