How to stop this from showing?

There’s this website in Brazil called “UOL” one of the most famous news sites here that now is showing this adblocking message on every page they have. Can i get rid of this? How? Thank you very much!

Thanks for reaching out.
Pop-ups like this can sometimes be tough as they typically generate with unique identifiers each time the site/page reloads. I have reached out to one of our engineers to take a look at the way sites detect ad-blockers and display these warnings to see if we can work around them. That said, you are able to view/browse the site after clicking the x right?

Hey @Pinho

Rolled out a fix for UOL. Give it 24-48hrs

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Right! Until now but this site will certainly block access in the future.

Thanks! I’ll wait for the fix.

It would be great if Brave could block these warnings too…Sometimes they are really annoying

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Right on! Instead of those websites turn their ads less invasive they just do the opposite and when we use blockers they just keep nagging with messages asking to turn off blockers and even blocking our access entirely.

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