How to stop from being asked if I want a Finance shortcut added to my home screen

I am using a Samsung S9.
browser version 1.17.75

When I Google a stock symbol followed by the word “stock” (for example “TSLA stock” I get a message at the bottom of the screen that takes up room saying “Add a Finance shortcut to your Home screen” along with and “Add” button or “No thanks.” Every time I check for a stock price, I have to click “No thanks.” It looks like this is from Google as there’s what looks like a Google Finance symbol next to it.

I tried to see of the same message would occur using Chrome, and it doesn’t. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Thanks.

I see the same behavior in Chrome as well. I imagine this is simply inherited Chromium code. I don’t think we have any options to disable this but I will reach out to Android team for more information.

I just tried it again on Chrome and it didn’t come up. I realized while trying that I was signed into Google on Chrome. I tried signing into Google on Brave and then the message did not come up.

It would still be nice if there was a way where this wouldn’t happen when signed in, too. I appreciate you reaching out to Android team about it. :slight_smile:

No problem – will let you know when I have more information. Note that it’s likely that this behavior will be removed in future releases.

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