How to stop being logged-out from Community after only a few minutes?

Is there some option available to prevent this community forum from logging me out automatically, at least for 24 hours?

You shouldn’t be logged out automatically – do you have any browsing data set to clear on exit? This may be erasing your login/session data.

No I don’t. It doesn’t happen with any other sites or forums either.
I’m viewing this forum with Comodo’s Ice Dragon v65.0.2.15 (Firefox copy) if that makes any difference?

Can you test using a different browser and see if it behaves the same?

I tried in Firefox and after shutting the browser overnight, then reloading it this morning, I find I am still logged-in.

Tried again in Comodo’s Ice Dragon and was logged-out after 10 minutes. So, its not the forum software. It is Comodo, but where to change that I don’t have a clue. It must be possible in Comodo’s advanced settings somewhere. I will ask on the Ice Dragon community forum.

I would check your Privacy & Security tab fin the browser first – it’s likely that some built in extension or default setting is causing this behavior:

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