How to stop Bat Ads Service

Yes, but as I (and the folks I take care of) do not want to do any of Braves Crypto/Ad stuff,

I/we just want to be able to turn that ‘crap’ off for good. I hope Brave will fix these 3 potential security holes so

we few who don’t want to be in an Ad Program and just want to have a secure browser can do so.

Then this security issue could be closed, and we all could ‘move on from this’

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Hi @AshLee and @pleone, I am on a very similar page with y’all. I had noticed the discrepancy of the self tipping thing as well recently and wondered about that too. I dont even understand why self tipping is even an issue in the first place like someone earned the crypto in the first place why can’t they tip themselves but more importantly, if everything is supposed to be so private that Brave doesn’t know then how does Brave know that someone is self tipping if a persons browsing habits are so private.

As for participating in Brave Ads, I don’t mind looking at their ads for BAT but can fully respect, and agree, that there should be a choice to disable, and know that if the option is disabled, then it should be fully disabled in the Task Manager as well. I can even understand that the Brave team may need time to fix the issue but my advice to the Brave Team is to at least communicate more clearly, and openly, the exact things that the Brave team is working towards and how those matters are being prioritized. I believe Brave’s overall success is going to be relative to their responsiveness and communication with the common community of Brave’s Users. I got lots of love for Brave but I also want to know more clearly what is going on behind the scenes and in the offices.

and @ashlee, I did eventually get the “Extension: CryptoWallet” to stop but the utilities for the Bat Ads Service and the Bat Ledger Service are still running on my machine despite all my efforts. I am not a coder or anything like that but I’m about to try learning some stuff to see if I can better understand why these extension can’t be turned off with a simple click of the end process button. I’m looking for some Chromium classes and recently signed up for a local free Google IT certificate course. So I’ll see how that goes and keep you posted with what I find out if you want to be updated.

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Hey @AUserName, you said what I was trying to say about the Ads program (we should be able to choose)

but you said it much better, Thanks.

As for Crypto Wallets: First, it is not a ‘real’ extension or it would show in

brave://extensions/ but its not there is it. Why? Could it be that if it did show up like a

normal extension there, us end users would have easy control over it and Brave don’t

want that? Second, on all the systems I’ve seen, if the ‘Crypto Wallets Extension’ appears in Task Manager - Brave

once it will never, ever go away. Doesn’t matter how much you fiddle with the ‘Web3 provider for using Dapps’ selector,

it stays present, always.

But most importantly what you said about communication (or the lack of) from the Brave Team

to us end users and ‘lower-mid-level fixers’ will determine if Brave ‘makes it’ or not, way more

than all the P.R. yada-yada-yadas in the whole wide world, IMHO.

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I have the exact same problem as well. Those extensions do not appear under brave://extensions/ and I also have Brave Rewards turned off, and yet these all appear.

So awkward no one is answering to this topic.
Sometimes it seems support is dropping topics on purpose and that is triggering an alarm to me.

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