How to stop Bat Ads Service

Description of the issue:

I want to stop Bat Ads Service and Bat Ledger Service from running
when I use Brave. I searched this community using the ‘search box’
and found no help. I realized today I can use good old Process Explorer from Sysinternals to suspend these Brave services each time I start Brave. But that is a pain and I think not really good enough.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Start Brave, open Brave Task Manger, try to “End Process” on ‘Utility: Bat Ads Service’ and/or ‘Utility: Bat Ledger Service’

  2. The above services won’t ‘die’ they just start right up again.

Expected result: I want to be able to permanently stop these 2 Utilities, and any other item that shows up in Brave Task Manager. If I can not stop any item in Brave Task Manager that I want, it’s not a very useful Task Manager, is it.

Brave Version Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build)
(64 Bit) no update is being offered from your server(s)

Additional Information: I’m new to this community so I don’t know if it is normal to be ignored for over a week after posting a help request. If I did something wrong, broke some rule(s) in the my first two posts
it would be kind if a Mod would let me what I did wrong.

OS: Windows 10 ver 1809
JavaScript: V8 8.0.426.25

Thanks in advance from a New Community Member.


Try disabling Rewards and then closing them in the Brave task manager – they shouldn’t reopen. If you want to use Rewards, however, those processes are necessary for it to properly function. :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work. I have an issue with the BAT Ledger Service pegging CPU, see multiple comments & troubleshooting attempts over here Megathread: For users seeing high CPU spikes/usage

So I’d definitely appreciate if this did work until that could be resolved. However, even with Brave Rewards disabled killing those processes they fire right back up.


OK, but I never I enabled Rewards to start with, never. And when I kill these in Brave task manager they still reappear in a nano second.

Like right now, I just closed them both and they reappear instantly…Only control I have over them is to use Process Explorer to suspend them.

As I said this is not a good fix as any restart of the browser means I have to do the suspend crap over and over and…

Now what???


We’ve an issue logged for that here @AshLee

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Thanks for the info!

I now would like to know what is the estimated time line on Brave
fixing this issue. I read the entire thread and I was not able to figure that out.

Since I know I’m not the smartest ‘nut in the bowl’ any insight on the fix date would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

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No ETA so far. It’s in priority/p3, mean the devs will working on it after p1 and p2. Unless it’s escalated to higher priority.

Once the fix is there, devs will assigned a milestone (a release version) and at this point you’ll get the ETA.

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Again, I’m a total newbie. This is my first attempt at trying get a major software provider to fix broken /bad code. First time on Brave community, Brave Reddit, Brave GitHub, all because I really like the idea of a Browser built with user privacy as a #1 priority, and want to be able to keep Brave as my production browser. Having said all that, please understand my next question is not silly or something. I just don’t know your processes here and I am trying to learn them…

When you say, *"…*and at this point you’ll get the ETA." does that mean I will be directly notified by email or receive a push to my Brave Comm account, or what?



New sub-issue to what I think is under the same main problem, with 2 questions…

I just got bumped back up to V.1.5.123 / 80.0.3987 64bit. Now in Brave Task-man, Extension: Crypto Wallets is running. It comes right back when you’End Process’ on it. So now I have three unwanted and totally unnecessary process running in Brave, eating up RAM and being possible threat vectors.

Is there a button (I can’t find it, and I NEVER asked Brave to make me a wallet!)
in Brave settings to kill the Brave Crypto Wallet. I looked for 5 mins and did not see a way to turn it off.

Why did the Brave Team think it was a good idea to force these now three process in Brave onto its user base with out an ability to kill said processes at our pleasure?


Agreed. I wanted to try out Brave. I installed it about an hour ago and ultimately discovered these persistent services after some tinkering. I had to uninstall it right away. After some search I have seen that this issue has been reported in their github page too, quite some time ago in fact. It doesn’t instill confidence. But I hope this will be solved in the near future.

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looks like it won’t be fixed, per the github link posted earlier. i fail to understand why any privacy minded individual will use a browser with an advertising service permanently running in the background. that’s exactly what anybody would be trying to avoid.

the only way i can imagine is if said individual doesn’t actually know that the services are running. and since this is never mentioned/disclosed anywhere, i guess many people will fall into this (perhaps desirable to brave) trap.


What treetree said, x 300!!!

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First off, I’m the noobiest noob on this topic if there are any other noobs on here. That said, I’ve never even looked at a Task Manager in a browser until a week ago but have been digging around inside the Brave browser flipping switches, reading stuff, trying to get all the settings set to my preferences and one of which was disabling the “Crypto Wallet” tab, which being a noob, I thought is basically that “Utility: Service Ledger Service” in the Task Manager. Which, from what I read on this topic, and if my thinking is correct, the problem y’all are talking about is that that the Utility: BAT Ledger Service, and the Utility: Brave Ad Service, keep on running even after someone flips the UI off switches to kill a task but those tasks just keep running out of view of a user that never looks under the hood. Is that about accurate or am I missing something here?

You are are correct. And not only those two you mentioned can’t be ‘turned off’

but we end users can Not turn off “Extension: Crypto Wallets” It can Not be disabled or turned off.

AS a person that will never use (on purpose) Crypto anything, I find it very upsetting that end users have no control

over these three Brave ‘internals’.

P.S. I am a pretty big noob as well, but I think not letting end users have control over these three things is ridiculous

in a Browser that boasts itself as "SECURE, Fast, and PRIVATE. If I can’t control these utilities then Brave is NOT Secure or Private, IMHO!

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Hi @AshLee, Thanks for the reply. The mention of not being able to turn off “Extension: Crypto Wallets” has confused me a bit. When I look in my extensions, there is no “Extension: Crypto Wallets”. Right now, even with only this Brave Community window open, and the task manager running, I only see 7 things running in the task manager they are…

So does this mean the “Extension: Crypto Wallets” is not running on my machine? and What is the “Utility: Bat Ledger Service”? Before now, I thought the utility was the under hood utility that allows the CryptoWallet Tab to function? If I click on the CryptoWallet Tab I get…

Anyways, that’s what I am seeing on myside but I dont understand the relationship between the “Extension: Crypto Wallets” and “Utility: Bat Ledger Service” or why I even have a Crypto Wallets tab when the underlying functioning of that tab is disabled.

I just went messing around with the Crypto Wallets Button after that last reply and undid what I was talking about above. For many days on end now, the “Extension: Crypto Wallet” and the “Tab: Extensions” did not appear in my Brave Task Manager at all but, after that last post, I clicked the Crypto Wallets Button, just to mess around, and the “Extension: Crypto Wallet” and the “Tab: Extensions” of course reappearred after turning the Crypto Wallets button back to on. After that I turned the Crypto Wallets button back to the off position and then in the task manager I selected the “Extension: Crypto Wallet” and the “Tab: Extensions” followed by end process and both of them came right back on. I repeatedly tried to end those processes and now they wont go away. I don’t know what I did before to make the “Extension: Crypto Wallet” and the “Tab: Extensions” disappear but now I wish I could just get back to where I was before messing around.

There was also some weird thing with selecting items in the Task Manager meaning I could click on an item that would become shaded as would be expected but the highlighting pinkish box would surround a different item than I selected as seen in the image below…

All I know is that on my build from the day I installed Brave, these three; “Extension: Crypto Wallet” “Utility: Bat Ledger Service”

“Utility: Bat Ads Service” are running in my Brave Task Manager and I can not make them ‘go away’

So I say again, for a browser that bills itself as Safe and Secure having “Crypto and Ad and Ledger”

services running that can’t be killed by the end user is a Large Security Hole in the Brave browser**!**

Since the Brave Team won’t address this issue I can only assume that Brave collects data

from end users with these three processes we can’t turn off and sells the data to third parties to enhance Braves revenue stream…


And if the Brave team does reply to my statement on data collection with a “We don’t do that”

my response will be, prove it! And the only proof I will accept will be when I, as a end user can turn off theses three ‘security holes’ for good.

So at that point we would come full circle to my first post on this matter.

When will Brave be changed to make it possible for end users to have complete control over theses three processes!?!?

I’m starting doubting on the “privacy first” topic too.
Recently i discovered that “self tipping” is not allowed, but it’s not really clear how brave manages to match different browser on different devices (on different networks!).
I’ve posted it here Privacy concern and self tipping asking to be addressed where to read it or to have some more info.
To me, something is getting shady lately …

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