How to stop a hacker remotely connecting

I have been battling in Melbourne Florida with intense hackers they prevented me to change my password now how they can control the generated code they send you and makes it loops man there good.
I have pictures printed out how can it be posible to have a hand cursor on your note 8 don’t know .
Got an iPhone they figured out how to hack it they even block anything that may help me.
Does the police in Melbourne Florida cares no I have called them the sherif said to my disabled son that sufferers of mental disorder to hit me if I enter the room yes he told me this.
He didn’t care if my phone was hacked or my back accounts I had to close it reopen another.
And I’m still battling with these people not letting me change my password from my accounts they even manage to make it not match so you can’t change it.
This app help much I just wish it would be harder I can’t use desktop version cause they manage to make it mobile.
How I don’t know …

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