How to solved below Problem?

You’ve designated 221.0 BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed

I do not understand exactly what this message is meaning. Do not give me a payment in August

Hi @successbd,

The mentioned text means that the websites and Creators that you have designated are not yet Brave Verified Creators, and are unable to claim their BAT. If you’d like to have them sign up they can follow this link -

But I’m already sign up and connected my uphold wallet.

Thanks for following up!

As a user of Brave, you can use BAT grants or self-funded BAT to tip websites and creators that you like. As a content creator and a Brave Verified Publisher, users can send you BAT directly as a tip on your website or YouTube channel, or via Twitter and Reddit, and you can then withdraw that BAT into your Uphold wallet.

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