How to show favicons in the Bookmarks Manager?


I just installed Brave. Thank you so much for creating a better browser!! It looks awesome so far. I looked in Settings but cannot find a way to make the favicons show in the Bookmarks Manager, only in the Bookmarks Toolbar. Sorry if I am just not seeing it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi @kuau,

Is this on desktop/laptop? Favicon on Bookmarks Manager is always shown. And it have no setting for it. Here’s mine:

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Thanks for your reply. Yours looks the same as mine in Brave, but this is what my Bookmarks look like in IE. I recognize them quickly by the favicon image rather than the name. The generic folder icons are all the same. I prefer the favicons…


do you mean you want to change the folder icon with a favicon?


Yes! That is exactly what I want. :slight_smile:

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