How to set Addthis for my sites so it not being blocked by Brave?

I just installed Brave and I love it!
I noticed that it blocks all Addthis widgets on my wordpress websites, and I can see why.
But I was wondering if there is a way to set Addthis so it will not be blocked by Brave… I mean for all Brave users that will visit my sites, not just for me.

I found this tutorial on how to remove the tracking from Addthsi generated URLs, I will give it atry but I am not sure that it would be enough.

Any suggestion is appreciated, Addthis is a very useful tool and I’d prefer not to get rid of it, but I love Brave philosophy so if there is no other solution I will!


Hello @nican

you can customize the shield setting per website

go to your website then click on the lion icon next to the address bar then change it setting till it not get blocked like change the tracker to standard or allow all same thing for fingerprint

those setting will kept till you clear this site and shield setting from here brave://settings/clearBrowserData

and user can turn off shield for certain site also

hope it help and have a nice day
hope it

Thanks, yes I understand that… but I was wondering if there was a way to set Addthis so that Brave users will always see the widgets, without having to turn off their shield.

you welcome :slight_smile:

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