How to send rewards from phone app wallet to Uphold?

How to send rewards from phone app wallet to Uphold?

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Hi @Adityay97,

Wallet verification is not available for mobile yet. The team is working on it.


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When available(!?). The wallet thing tells me that the first 20 BAT expires in the first few days of March of 2020.

Why would they even expire??

And why not just eliminate that expiration date since you guys don’t have the Android access to our Uphold accounts ready yet?

It seems it’s BAT from free grants. BAT from grants is mean to help users try the Rewards system. If not used within 90 days, it’ll “expired” and will be sent back to User Growth Pool.


There is nothing that these guys can do. The browser recently cane out of beta, there might be many things that the team might be currently working on. Sadly we have to just wait and hope for the best to happen.

I can’t use it if you guys don’t yet have a way for me to get it into my Uphold account. I only want to use it for HODLing. I want it to go to the moon eventually, along with all my other cryptos. Every little bit counts.

Hey, mind helping me out. I stopped seeing ads both on my phone and my laptop. I cleared the cache recently as it felt a little bit laggy. Is there something that could be done regarding this, also? I never got more than 2 ads per day and that too they were the same ads.

@AnonymousBrv1000 this one :point_up::sweat_smile:
For now you can let your BAT sit inside your in-browser wallet.

Thanks for your patience!

I’m using the Brave Browser almost exclusively, and getting low dozens of BAT every month. I have it set for maximum ads. But I don’t want to lose the very first BAT I ever got either, through no fault of my own.

Btw, why no higher limits on ads than 5? I thought 5 would drive me nuts, and I’d end up lowering it, but it actually doesn’t.

@Adityay97 Brave Ads is processed based on your browsing history and matched with the available ads catalogue.

It’s also depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your region. @AnonymousBrv1000 Brave Ads is not about “quantity”, but about “showing the right ads (for you), at the right time”.

Also see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


Is there any metric to gauge the availability of ads in the Indian subcontinent?

Is it “likely” that Android access will happen before my earliest BAT expires in March? Or is it further off? Or is it unknown as of yet?

Is it negatively affected by the use of a VPN? If so I can be wherever you need me to be, lol. At the speed of light, and my thumb. Jkg

Btw, it’s been way over the first 90 days already. I haven’t noticed that any earlier amounts have expired. I’m assuming that it’s just the initial “gift” amount that expires…right? If so that expiration date is already over 90 days from today, and I’ve been using Brave since mid summer sometime (US). So is it really MORE than 90 days. If so that would be a good thing.

You will have to wait for Brave Rewards to send you the BAT payment before it hits your Uphold wallet.

Also, another question. I have two Android smartphones for critical redundancy in my remote job, and I have a few BAT on the other one too. I figured out how to sync them tonight (couldn’t before for some unknown reason), and I assumed they would also sync BAT. But they didn’t. Is there a way, or is that coming too? If I could get access to my Uphold account, I wouldn’t really need to do that, I guess, since I’d immediately put the BAT there. But it might be more convenient to just do it once and theoretically less vulnerability.

I already have it in the (Android) Brave wallet. I need to get it into my Uphold account which I have had for a long time. It’s not possible yet in Android unfortunately, and some of the BAT will expire in a few months.

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