How to see total memory used?

how to see total memory?

at default settings,
brave used a lil less mem than chrome
with 1 youtube playing
but had installed ~8 chrome extensions, including ublocko

from mar 2019
brave appears to use .5 less ram at increasing more tabs

in july 2019
brave doesnt use less total ram with 7 tabs

if it happens that brave does use less total ram, why is that?
how is it able to use less mem?

in aug 2019
someone claims firefox uses less total ram than brave

in may 2019
someone claims edge uses more total ram than brave, but all know edge sucks in basically all ways com/t5/discussions/browser-and-gpu-process-are-much-higher-compared-to-brave/m-p/574838

at the end
even if i find out that brave uses less ram with many tabs
couldnt use it since it has the ‘brave reward icon’ but you can hide that, so good
but there’s still this ‘brave shield icon’ that chrome doesnt have
and cant hide/remove that

ublocko blocker is prob better than brave’s anyhow

from oct 2019
this seems to be about total load time

have not tested if all chrome extensions i use work on brave, heard that some/many/a few dont
dunno if this problem had been fixed yet

dont think gonna test

out of curiosity is brave currently able to sync everything on chrome into brave? like all extensions and all info within each chrome extension?

in the end, maybe would check on brave in 1.5 years
cant disable js like in chrome

im sure there’s other things missing if were to do more than very brief testing

maybe the memory person @Mattches knows how we can see the total memory used

You can do this by pressing shift + escape and bringing up Brave’s Task Manager (seen below)


Hope this helps!



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total memory usage is 1 total number

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