How to see the logs of all Bat which I have received yet

Hi, I wanna see all the transaction or history of bat which I’ve received yet because some of my bats went missing and I wanna know what happened to them

You can go to brave://rewards-internals. Just eneter that in the search bar. In internals, you can check in promotions tab.

But all that is only for unverifed Brave Rewards, if your is verified with Uphold / Gemini, then please go to their website and look in to transaction history.

Hi, thanks for replying
My 4-5 bat are missing. I guess from octo-nov rewards not sure of time.

The logs are pretty much very confusing. Each line of logs says error-error-error.

Do you know how to look at logs?

I really wanna know what happened to my bats.

There is no contribution or anything like that.

I also created a ticket but brave didn’t reply me for more than a month sadly.

The logs aren’t taught to the user. Only a Brave official might be able to understand.

Could you check your emails in the spam folder as well?
Do share the ticket number you got.
I’ll tag @SaltyBanana @Evan123 to look into this. Thanks!!

Did you check in promotion tabs at brave://rewards-internals ?
There you’ll see all the history of BATs claimed in unverified profile. Also in November there were cases of them paying more or paying twice. So if that happened in your case and if you didn’t earn more than the paid amount in October / November, then for December payout they wouldn’t pay anything until the advance BATs can be written off.

Hi Adison,

It would be best advised to submit a ticket to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

If you have already submitted a ticket, feel free to share the ticket number ID here in this thread and I can take a closer look.

Thank you!

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Thanks for replying, @SaltyBanana
My Ticket no is 171968

@SmartyAadi, I have checked the promotions and strangely I can’t find the rewards for November month reward.

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I see. Anyways, now support will handle your issue moving forward! :slight_smile:

@Adison from our record, you payout(s) were received.
Did you receive a claim button during the previous payouts?

Hi, thanks for looking, I had some bats before January, I remember getting it 3 bat payment but that wasn’t the problem.

I had some bat before that too, and they were not there. My auto-contribution was off and tips I did to any site.

If possible can you provide me any date of my bats going out of my account?
and also the first month of using brave rewards? I guess it was October not sure but if you can then please tell me.

Just adding I have two promotion of 3 and 1.5 Bats but there should be more.

DMing you now. Thanks!

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