How to see previous torrent downloads


My torrent was almost finished downloading and I mistakenly closed the browser. On a new start, I couldn’t find the torrent download. There is no Show Torrent Downloads button in the menu. Where can I find it?


I just tested this on OS X.

I started a torrent DL.
Closed it purposely.
Found it in History. Opened in a new tab. Torrent was there and started back up automatically.

Hope this helps!


Yes, it works. But I have a lot of tabs open at a moment. It takes time to search the history. It will be nice to have Show Torrent Downloads option to list the torrents one below other. We will be able monitor multiple torrents at once.


Hi @arthar360, yep currently there’s no something similar to Show Torrent Downloads. But I think this logged issue is what you’re looking for?


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