How to see if account is suspended


is there a way to see anywhere if an account has been suspended?


you will get account suspension email

Hi Impoiler, thanks for the quick reply.

But what is when the account is unverified? In my case I cannot register at Uphold or Gemini because of the country where I live is temporary not available ^^


u should change the country where you live :smiley: simple right ?

Haha no prob… make a second keyset for your house/flat for me and I will move :smiley:

but seriously, I live in germany and here it is not possible… who had thought that. maybe in the next days, weeks, month, years… the plan was to hold the BAT simply on the local wallet, but atm no BAT come in to claim… I saw it is a problem of the mass here, but I just wanted to know if a suspended account could may cause it. on the other hand I really would not know why my account should be suspended :smiley:

Nevermind, I hope issue of claiming BAT will solve in the near future… let’s see

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