How to secure my earnings in Upholds while changing of devices (smartphone + windows pc)

I will soon have to let my professional devices (smartphone + windows pc) on which I earn BATs.
In theory, my uphold account is synchronized with my personal windows pc at home too.
But there is often synchro issues that happen from android devices.

So how to be sure the total earnings will stand on my uphold account when I will disconnect the actual devices.


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You should check if they show up in your Uphold account.

@Ocismor Assuming both are linked to Uphold and you’ve received payments there, then all your BAT is stored on that and not your device. If, for any reason, they have not been linked to Uphold for a while, then the BAT is stored on the device.

For Desktop, anything stored on your device can be moved to new desktop by performing a backup of your /brave-browser folder and then putting it on the new device.

For Mobile, there’s no official good method to do a backup. Unfortunately, the folders that it’s stored in are hidden by the system and inaccessible by Users due to Android settings. If your phone is rooted, it would essentially be the same solution as Desktop. Only thing to keep in mind is if rooted, the device should fail SafetyNet and not be able to receive payouts (if I remember correctly). So it’s a danged if you do, danged if you don’t scenario.

Brave is working on changes that will be coming early next year that will offer a solution for backup & restore on Rewards.

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