How to save a startup page

In Settings, I Added Yahoo as startup page but that is ignored by Brave. Instead, it always uses Brave rewards page instead. We were set to change over our organization from Chrome to Brave but these little glitches give pause. None of the supposed workarounds in the Help file prevent Brave rewards page from opening up.

Did you set it under Settings > Get Started > On start up? Just want to make sure.

Thanks for quick response. Yes, that is the only way I know to set a startup page. But apparently, most Brave Settings are not saved if certain cookies are not enabled. So using Settings becomes a meaningless exercise.

Do you know which setting you’re clearing/disabling that would cause the startup page to revert?

It seems to be working again, though I expect it will revert to opening again with Brave rewards page.

The only setting I know of is “Open a specific page or set of pages”, which I set to Yahoo. According to Brave Settings help file, under certain circumstances, Settings will not be saved depending on setting for cookies.

What settings are on iOS? Mine look nothing at all like what you describe. I have general: search engines, logins, pop ups, and desktop site. Not much else that is useful.

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