How to save < 25 BAT because I have to transfer to new phone

I will have accumulated approximately 22 BAT on March 5th, but have to transfer to a NEW cell phone THIS week. Unfortunately, with the 25 BAT minimum, I cannot link to my uphold wallet on my cell phone. Is there any other way to save my 22 BAT tokens or will they just disappear?? The value is roughly $17 which is not the end of the world, but I certainly wouldn’t take $17 out back and light it on fire. It is real money. I can’t imagine how many other people would lose this as well. That adds up to a lot! Any help appreciated.

Same situation for me also…any help on this??

I think I might have a solution - I will let you know hopefully by tomorrow.

I made a Youtube video to explain how to SAVE (not lose) your tokens if you need to switch to a new phone or tablet, ipad, etc. Or if you have to reset your device and reinstall the Brave browser.

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Just a note for this method, it´s a good solution. But just do it in certain cases and not like a regular withdraw method since staff members don´t recomend doing this in a regular bases due to the antifraud algoritm.

Yes nice video
But what if in case the team banned what can we do??

The only certain case to do this in is if you have less than 25 BAT tokens and are about to lose them. Once you have 25 and can have a verified wallet you don’t need to do this. In order for this to not work anymore, the Brave team would have to not allow anyone else on the Internet to receive Tips too. That doesn’t make sense because it is an Integral part of the Browser. If you don’t want to lose your tokens and don’t care about setting up a Channel of your own to save them for yourself, just Tip someone else on their Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Website, etc. At least the tokens won’t go to waste.

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