How to retrieve bookmarks?

Hamburger menu is the three dots, where you access your settings within Brave. In larger browsers it would be three lines on top of each other. They call it a hamburger menu because it’s kind of like a hamburger between two buns…just a silly term.

In this screenshot of Brave on my iPhone, you can see the menu on the bottom right. I forget it that’s the default location or if I switched it up, but pretty sure it’s default.

When you click on it, you’ll have all your various options there, such as Bookmarks, History, Downloads, Wallet, Playlist, Night Mode, etc. As 289wk said, Request Desktop Site will be towards the bottom, with two options beneath it (so third from bottom)


Thank you so much for all of the tips & information & for your understanding. I backed up my bookmarks & synced as you suggested. Since using the new Beta version of Brave I haven’t had a good experience. I constantly have to bring Brave shields down just to properly view many websites. I am a stickler for protecting my info, & refuse to use internet explorer, google chrome, safari, or duck duck go….so Brave is the only choice I have for a browser….I just hope Brave continues to improve this platform since so many of us rely on it.


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