How to retrieve bookmarks?

When attempting to go to the website on my iphone 13 promax, I received a 404 error message saying:
“Site not found. This site is not published or does not have a domain assigned to it. If you have any questions, please contact your website administrator.”
This is the site it takes me to after clicking on the actual search result….

When I search it on my ipad i am able to get to the site with no issue. I even checked the brave settings on both phone & pad and they were identical.

I decided to delete the brave app & reinstall it. Still the same result.

Now I lost all of my favorite bookmarks!!
I checked to File folder but there are none there.
How can i retrieve them & why cant I get to this website??
Thanks VF

Yeah, this is a step you shouldn’t do with Brave typically. Since it’s iOS you didn’t have to worry about losing your BAT since we don’t get it on it, but still…

  • Did you reinstall on only one device or both?
  • Did you ever create a Sync chain on them?

The only way you’ll have your bookmarks and all if is you created a Sync chain and are able to add the device back to it, in which case bookmarks and other settings (if you chose to sync them), will reappear on the device. If you didn’t enable Sync and have the code, then you’ll have lost everything pretty much.

I just tested it out on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and had the same issue as you on the primary link. What fixed it for me, at least temporarily, was to go to the hamburger menu and select Request Desktop Site and then I had to delete the m. from [ at which point it pulled up with absolutely no issues.

That said, we’d have to find out if @michal or @Mattches might have an idea on what’s causing the issue with mobile not loading and if there’s a good way to handle it moving forward?

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Thank you. That’s what I figured with regards to the bookmarks. One thing I noticed is that in my apple file folder, in brave folder, I do not see any of the new bookmarks that I just created.
Is there a setting that needs to be turned on? Also, for the website, I have tried to delete the m but it still reverts back & doesnt open the site. Why does it work without any issue from the ipad from brave?? Very odd.
Thank you for your help

You’re missing a step. I mentioned setting to Request Desktop Site. If that’s not turned on, then it’s going to try to open Mobile version which is what’s causing the issue. We’ll be relying on Brave staff or someone smarter than me to determine why there’s an issue and how to address it. I’m not sure if it’s based on how the website is written, if it’s something within the phone, or what. But it just seems like a permissions issue in terms of opening in mobile site.

I’m guessing because iPad isn’t opening in Mobile but is opening Desktop by default?

Not sure what to tell you on that. Bookmarks are saved in the browser, I’ve never tried to navigate to any files on my phone or anything.

Do you see the book on the left of my URL/Address bar? That’s the button for Bookmarks. You can also access from your Settings via the Hamburger Menu…

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This Arizona website seems broken on mobile Safari as well, must be something on their end,
they probably detect mobile user agent and show this error.

As for persisting favorites between install it is not supported. You can enable bookmark sync to keep your bookmarks in sync, but this does not persist favorites - sites you can pin to the new tab page


@Janero1314 , @Saoiray

iOS Bookmarks backup tip

Brave Browser iOS > Bookmarks

Upper-left of Bookmarks window . . . keep tapping the ‘Back’ button until that button no longer appears.

In the resulting Bookmarks window – look down at the lower-left corner . . . notice the tiny icon with a centrally-located, upward-pointing arrow . . . click on that icon:


You should get a pop-up selection, as a response:


When you select ‘Export Bookmarks’, you will find the opportunity to save the Bookmarks file to a folder* on your iOS device, as well as e-mail the Bookmarks file. The exported Bookmarks file will be named: ‘Bookmarks.html’

If by chance, you have a Mac computer, you may also use iTunes and the iTunes > ‘File Sharing’ feature, to retrieve that file from your iOS device.



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Thank you so much! This works!

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Thanks for your response. I can get to the website with no issue when using Brave on my ipad, however, it doesnt work on Iphone…sounds like another issue with Brave & the iphone.

Thanks Vincent

It looks like this may be an iOS/Chromium specific issue. Testing on an iPhone in Brave, Safari, or Chrome seems to show this issue. On iPad, Android and Desktop, I’m able to visit the site without any issue.

cc @michal

@Janero1314 I think the issue is more simple than all this. Try not to hear the nails going down the chalkboard IOS friends, but as a Windows user (hate myself for saying it too) I just think the site you were checking out doesn’t have a mobile version and you went through a bunch because of that more than anything … in my humble opinion that is. See the pics attached to see what I saw, and I checked m.facebook and even mbasic.facebook, 2 really crummy ones :wink: just to confirm they would display properly. That’s by FAR the glitchiest crap in my world. Again, just in my humble opinion, but I’m no expert by a long shot.
As for your bookmarks, if you’ve ever “synced” just once, your bookmarks should be consistent across all of your devices and stored in a .bak file somewhere on your other device/s or maybe even the phone. Even when you uninstall/reinstall, most often, your bookmarks, passwords, browser preferences, etc. etc. files will still be there, and may just need a lil “nudge”, so worst case you’ll have to do a bit of “diggin’ around”. Hopefully you’ve synced at some point. Looking toward the bright side of this dark day for you however, even if all is lost, which is a pain I can truly feel and I empathize with you, this will be an opportunity to perform that sync, as well as grab a couple of light extensions you can keep off until you need them if you’d like and use from time to time to “backup” your goodies outside of the browser in case you have issues in the future. I installed a pwd manager extension, which I should have done a long time ago and a bookmark manager, both cloud based, so if you have a need to fully delete your browser, once you have the fresh re-install, you’re only a couple of clicks away from being back up and running. You’ll have a few good ones to choose from on your platform, I’m sure.
Also, should you like to view certain things in different browsers, or just need to because one is being a jerk that day, you can seamlessly share that data, not just amongst your devices using Brave, but across all the Browsers you may want to use for whatever purpose on all those devices … so that’s pretty Dope. Plus they’re WAY more intuitive and clean than anything Mother Chromium has to offer. I also made a simple text file with all of the specific extension names I use in case I’m having a senior moment that day and can’t remember, even though I have all the .crx files in a folder as well. YouTube Non-Stop, Typio form recovery- which is huge saver of things I want to punch when I lose some breviloquent diatribe I’d spouted because I forgot to turn autoplay off. Allow Right Click, I Don’t Care About Cookies, etc. etc. are all there for me to drag and drop right in. There is also a folder that holds ALL of your Brave Browser preferences, but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly where that is or what it’s called, but I know I have a copy of that sucker too. Finally, I have all that rewards, BAT, wallet, ads crap in a folder too, with all the phrases, passwords, and treasure maps.
Yes my friend … obviously I very, VERY much feel your pain, or I wouldn’t have my “Brave Aid Kit” folder with all those folders in it, but whenever this crummy, horrible OS I use and a new release of Brave won’t play well together and/or things gets hinky, I can be back up and running before I’m done cussing Gates out … both putting a smile on my face. All hope is NOT lost all ye who enter here!
In all sincerity, I truly do hope some of this this helps you out and makes any issues in the future a bit more palatable, if even just the knowledge of knowing you’re not alone in it :hugs:
Again, I’d confirm the deets with the Cats here in the know like @Mattches, @Saoiray, and @steeven They’ve been known to help a brother out bigtime!!! Thanks Homies! Again, I hope this helps ya out!

Much love!!! :v:

Postscript - I’d tell that Dr. they’re not helping your tummy any, so they better hook ya up after all this. :v:

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Using Brave Browser for iOS, iPhone . . .

Working link:

When Brave Browser iOS gets there . . .


In your Brave Browser iOS > Settings, select ‘Request Desktop Site’

When you have succeeded in making that selection, on the next occasion of checking the Settings, you will see that the selection has become: ‘Request Mobile Site’

For the troublesome website, I have to double-check that Setting, BEFORE I click on a link in a web page of the website.

Download Forms:

Request an Appointment:

[Online] Appointment Request Form:

Find Your Physician

Found a Physician - bad link for mobile:


Look for the Physician’s name; in that example: ‘shifat-ahmed-md’

Plug that name into (replace: YOUR_PHYSICIAN_NAME in):

Good link result, in our example:

Patient Portal:

Contact Us:


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Awesome, so adding the ?no_redirect=true is a nice fix. I know typing in the normal would try to default to mobile version which wouldn’t work. But your link does open and seem to work as intended. (At least main page. HOWEVER, once you click on a link, it defaults back to mobile version…)

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So when clicking with button for no redirect

But then once I click any link on iPhone

Where she was that they just don’t have a mobile version of the website open and the only way that you can prevent that 404 is by running it in desktop site. It would be nice if Brave could detect issues like that and avoid the m. portion before the URL, so it could run in the main when it’s broken. But for now, I guess it just requires a person to realize and switch .

Thank you, yes, your link works, however, if I do a search on Brave for Arizona Digestive Health, then click on the doctors office


The Brave Browser > Settings > Request Desktop Site selection does not stick. @michal

It should stick per browsing session if I remember correctly. If you close the app from memory and relaunch again it is not going to remember selection.

Maybe that’s something we could improve if people see value in more persistent setting for this feature


Tx for helping.

The Setting in question - ‘Request Desktop Site’ - is not sticking . . . but then, randomly sticking . . . and suddenly not sticking . . . while remaining at the website in question, and navigating the web pages of the website.

Always have to look at the Setting, before clicking on a link of the website, to be sure that ‘Request a Desktop Site’ is Enabled.

Using Brave Browser iOS v1.39.1 - iPhone 8 Plus

Where is this hamburger menu to select Request Desktop Site??? I should be able to just click on my doctors office link & have it come up…no one has figured out why it works fine on the Ipad vs the iphone??? This new Beta version of Brave is giving too many issues…now I have to turn on cookies because it’s preventing me from doing too many things. Going back to safari…!!


Ref.: Brave Browser iOS - iPhone screenshot, Request Desktop Site is 3rd from the bottom: