How to Restore Current Month Balance

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a question about how to recover my current month ad earning back when I uninstall browser or plan to format my operating system then browser need to reinstall bank to my personal computer or my phone. Many time it happens that my current month ad earning gone so I want to know how can I restore it bank when I need to reinstall brave browser into my personal computer or my phone

Thanking you
Mitesh Prashnora

There’s no way to recover the rewards which have been lost due to app data clear or as of your taken action “Formatting OS”.

Although to prevent such incidents you have two options, one of them is to connect your Uphold account with your brave wallet so every month your earnings will be transferred to your uphold wallet where all your BATs will be completely safe.

Another option is to tip your BATs to your creators/publishers account in which all your BATs will be safe. Withdrawing BATs from creators/publishers account will require you to connect your Uphold account, also the withdrawal process is automatic which will be performed every month on the 8th.


But tipping oneself may lead to account suspension. Be careful of that

I have not seen someone’s account getting suspended for tipping themselves so it could be fine.

Most of the time I have seen account get suspended because of illigal referrals.

Still the first option which is to connect uphold account would be the safest option.

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yes, Uphold enrolling would be the safest i guess. Also I think I have read in some threads here about persons tipping themselves and not receiving them in their publishers account. So that is a matter of concern as well. Better go with Uphold or if Gemini is available with that. Anyways inform us with the updates so that we can be cautious as a community.

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