How to restore Brave Verified Wallet after changing the PC

I want to backup my recovery key but no recovery key is displaying over there.

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So you don’t have a recover phrase?

If so, i’m afraid that was removed a couple of updates before. If you have a recovery phrase you can still use It, but for new “wallets” the only way to secure those BAT is using UPHOLD.

just a question @ambrocioisaias2808

does uphold save the unclaimed bats ?

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If someone do not have a recovery phrase and the PC’s hard disk dies. Then he can’t use his uphold verified wallet ever again?

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@steeven @eljuno @sampson

I haven’t check that, and since i still have a slot available to add a new device in uphold, well i’m reserving that space in case i need it. So i don’t want to mess up with that for now.

Also this is pretty new, if a get new info i will let you know.


Sorry to bother you, but, what happens with pending rewards now if i need to change device? Does linking uphold in a new device will recover this?

What do you mean, if you have your uphold account you can use it in any device, uphold account is independent from brave.

The only thing for now is that to receive payments to uphold, the only first 4 devices you sync in brave will receive them, the next devices are going only to give you access to your BAT in Uphold to tip content creators.

Also for now, there isnt a way do delete devices from that list.

As for the new functionality this thread is talking about, well, is pretty new, it came out recently so we are still getting the hang about the new game rules.

if my pc dies at some point how can i recover my brave verified wallet in a clean installation of brave. As i can’t get my recovery key because the recovery phrase is missing.

You have uphold account?

Also what do you want to recover, pending rewards or earnings already credited locally?

@justsomeone1 @Steven_Smith

I’m still waiting for a response from @Aa-ron but as i see.

The only way to secure you BAT is using uphold and waiting to next payment day. Even if you have a seed phrase this will not recover anything since version 1.3.x, it will only recover pending rewards.

As for the new way to rescue pending rewards without seed phrase, i’m still searching.

So you have two options:

  • Searching for the folder that contains local wallet data and restore when necessary (i really don’t know if this will work since data structure can change between versions)
  • The recommended way using Uphold.

OK. say my next payment is for example after two weeks.
Then I’m kind of locked in this PC and must stick to it until I reach the date and get my funds transferred to uphold?
Is there ANY other option?

Short answer, yes.

AFAIK, no for the moment.

copying some metadata or some app folders can’t do the job as a workaround ?

Maybe, wallet data are store locally, so if you manange to get the correct folders it can work.

thanks @ambrocioisaias2808 that what i guessed but as @Steven_Smith asked

how uphold count the 4 device limit

if i reinstall my os does it count as new device if for some reason i had to just make fresh install of brave does it count new device
if i change my os like from linux distro to another one of from windows to linux or what ever things like that does it count new device or not

if any of the above cases counted as new device then it will be easy to run out of option with uphold at least for the case of require the fresh install of brave

as you know we can not backup wallet now so how person recover the pending bat and as you know every fresh install will generate new wallet id so if we connect that would that bring us to the uphold 4 device limit

thanks again for your help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Good questions xd @justsomeone1 . Before writing this i began to research in all posible places with info related to slots on uphold. And just to avoid giving a bad answer i did this with the mentality of a new user. What i found is this:

Lifetime slots on uphold depend on your browser wallet.

Before the actual situation we could get our wallet seed phrase, and with that we could use it to recover only pending rewards (since 1.3v) but also to avoid uphold lifetime limit. What really counts are not devices, but wallets.

So if in a year i needed to format and reinstall an O.S. in my computer, lets say 4 times, and then i installed brave and recover my wallet. Then if i connected uphold on those 4 times it will only count as 1 slot not 4, this because i´m using the same wallet. So with this i can say i had a wrong idea (sorry for that).

In other case let´s say i didn´t recover my wallet and began all those 4 times with a new one, then the 4 slots were going to be wasted.

So the correct statement is we have a 4 lifetime wallet limit. But:

Actually the function of getting your wallet seed phrase is disable (due to wrong conception on recovering earnings since 1.3v like you can read on my past comment), so with this is correct to say that we have a 4 lifetime device limit, this since the common user scenario is installing brave once per device. So said that, with a new install comes a new wallet and with that a new slot to waste if you connect to uphold (if you are a new user and/or you don´t have seed phrase). And well the same applies to mobile.

I know this sounds unfair, for now, but the actual efforts are to use syncv2 to sync this wallet data, so this can be a solution, not only to recover earnings and pending rewards but to also avoid lifetime limit.

As for @Steven_Smith question, well, we can only wait until syncV2 is improved and adds this feature


thanks for the great answer by i see there miss conception that we should say the limit is 4 wallet key/seed not 4 wallet id why?
cause as you know each time you need to make fresh install you always get new id

i think that the cause that confused me as everyone talked about device and other talk about wallet id
hope they offer other option than uphold and also option for the new user to overcome their backup issue

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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