How to reset device limit reached?

All I did was reinstall the OS and now cannot verify wallet:

Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.9/23/2021

How can this be reset? I am only using Brave on one device?

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Nothing you can do. The device limit is forced on us by Brave without any systems in place to remove old devices etc. There is a limit of 4 devices. Every time you reinstall your windows for example. you will add a new device.
Apparently they are working on a solution. But nothing of it is heard from for a long time… There is alot of people who got locked out up verifying their wallets. All you can do is poking brave.


There will be a tool available to Brave team soon to solve this issue.

ok thanks…It just seems as though there should be a tool to register or deregister user devices.

Anyway it will be a nice break from the ads ) Or an opportunity to go back to Firefox :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies!

As I said, the tool is coming (very) soon

I believe it when I see it my dood. Not before :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. That is why I am “on a break” from Brave / Uphold.

When they get the train wreck sorted out, the BAT train back on trax. Then I may try again. I went nearly 6 months without a BAT for hundreds, upwards to maybe 1000 ads viewed and not one single BAT.

I posted a support tix, the whole deal with all the info they needed. Nada…

Then they ask me to do it again. Nada…

Train Wreck. Got rid of the remaining BAT I had. Using Firefox again. I still do Brave from time to time to see if the scam is fixed yet.?

Nope. Still playing the author device bullshizz game. With no way to delete 25+ uphold wallets. I upgrade, all my devices quite often. So BAT is a No Go for me.

And I will also believe it when I see it. But what I will not be seeing is another Brave Ad.

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