How to RESET Brave Rewards


I’m seeing the following message in the Brave Rewards section: “Uh oh! We detected that something is wrong with your wallet. You must recover your backup wallet before any transactions can be processed.”

I never made any backups and I don’t recall using Brave Rewards in the Brave dev version that I’m using now.

Is there a way to reset Brave Rewards back to zero?


I’d like to know how I can create a new wallet from scratch without recovering an “old” wallet for which I have no backups.


Where does your screenshot come from. I don’t have the same!


This is what I get when I click on Recover Now: (I don’t have any backups, so I’m stuck!)


Hi @Olivier

Currently if you don’t have backup words, there’s no way to reset your Rewards instance (so you’d be starting from scratch, no wallet, no sites in Auto Contribute table, etc).

We do have an issue logged that looks to have some recent activity, so hopefully this is coming soon:

Note, since you don’t have backup words unfortunately any BAT in your wallet will be lost.



Dear @LaurenWags,
Many thanks for your helpful reply. I hadn’t heard of browser-laptop and I’m still not sure what it is.
Just would like to share a thought with you:
I tried solving the issue I’m facing by creating a BAT wallet in
I was thinking that I’d then be able to use the given account address to add the wallet into Brave.
This didn’t work, which is really a shame.
If I’m not mistaken, this means that BAT wallets are pretty much tied to Brave. If my understanding is correct, then this also means that you can’t exchange BATs on the different cryptocurrency exchanges out there or convert them to traditional currencies like the USD.
Being able to add a wallet the way I was expecting would have meant that reseting a wallet would not be required, but removing or adding a wallet would.
Kind regards,


Hi @Olivier

You are correct, you cannot bring a wallet from another source like you mentioned. However, in the issue I noted we’re looking to give users control of the wallet, so they can move BAT in and out (after performing KYC - I don’t have a date on that, so it’s best to watch the issue as that will have the most up to date information.


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Hi Lauren,
I read the following in the General FAQs:

The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

Personally, I think this is a mistake. It’s a good incentive for users to adopt Brave if they’re fairly rewarded for their attention and if they’re free to contribute to publishers earnings. BATs could then also be used to donate to social or environmental projects (I’m thinking of or ecosia here).

Do you know why this decision was made? Does the refund policy change that?


Can someone from Brave please tell me why my wallet is broken? Did this happen when I switched from Brave standard version to Brave dev version? What can I do to fix the problem since I don’t have any recovery words?


I’m really not qualified to answer this but my guess would be that is a legal disclaimer to prevent a lot of red tape from the SEC that would be required if they were a security, commodity etc.

Hopefully someone else can chime in as well.

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