How to report someone here on Community?

I want to report @nVikram who used my profile photo without my concern in a illigal manner!

Please tell me how to report @ShineWhine @Rohit552 @ambrocioisaias2808

Admins @steeven @Mattches pls ban him if you can.

This is the post in which he used my profile photo without my permission :angry: :–


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I don’t have any knowledge about this @Kirti

You can report any profile, whom you felt that are miss-behaving with you in the community.

AFAIK to report someones profile, the best you can do is to talk to @Mattches since with other methods the only thing you can do is report his posts and that´s not useful in your case.


Thanks for your response @Rohit552 and @ambrocioisaias2808.

The problem has been solved in DMs, huge thanks to @ShineWhine for helping me contact with @nVikram.

Also thanks to @Mattches for his response in DM, requesting lock!


So finally did you succeeded in blocking him completely?

No bro he just removed my photo from the video.