How to remove Zebpay from my Brave Rewards Account?

This went away more than a year ago. You may want to read the posts from January and August 2023 below.

  • Membership fee can be avoided if you don’t sweep your earnings to the account prior to you wanting to withdraw. They only charge you if there are funds sitting there and not being used.

  • From what I’ve heard, there is no charge to withdraw to your bank.

  • However, if you attempt to send to another crypto wallet, it will charge you 88 BAT for the transaction fee.

Then you can’t earn BAT at this time. Though you can always wait for on chain to arrive, which should be available this year. It’s currently in testing and will gradually be sending invites to users through the Rewards widget. You can read more on that in the topic below, where I also have links to official posts from Brave. So might want to read it and click on the links to read what they have to say.

You’ve been showing screenshots of Rewards. This is the one where you view ads to earn BAT. Creators is something different, where you register your website or channel with Brave so people can send you tips. As you’ll see in link at the topic above, you can do on chain tipping now for Creators, but if you’re in India then the only custodial partner you can use is ZebPay.

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