How to remove the evil Facebook and Google, Apple, YouTube from Start page forever

Why we can not permanently remove the icons from the site that I never use. Such as Facebook, Apple, etc. I consider that an insult to my eyes.
So I’m gonna go over it again. Can I remove Facebook, Google, Apple, YouTube forever?
And if not - Why not ?

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@Meta Well, it depends:

If you (like me) would be satisfied with a totally empty dark grey surface with absolutely nothing on it, then:
Yes, there’s a way: “Edit” -> “Settings” -> “General” (the first you see anyway) -> “A new tab shows”: The default is “Dashboard”, change this to “Blank page” and you’re there :slight_smile:

But if you want anything meaningful displayed on this page when you open a new tab, then I’m afraid the answer is: No!
I just tried:

  • opened a new tab
  • removed Facebook, Google, Apple, Youtube (seriously, I don’t get why they are on the “New Tab” page of a browser that has privacy as it’s first & main goal in the first place.)
  • closed Brave
  • Opened it again
  • Opened a new tab. They are all back! Great… Making all these privacy-traps non-removable?
    Now it’s a bug

But I have seen this reported already, I just don’t remember where or under what title. There was no solution AFAIR, and I guess because the developers are now working full-time on Brave Core (Version 1.0), this will most likely get filed under “WontFix”…

That said… I just tried to find hints on the internet and it seems that Chromium (the base of the new Brave Core) is WAYYY behind Firefox when it comes to configurability: There is no equivalent of “about:config”. So it might be not impossible that Brave Core will have the same problem and the users will not be able to do anything about it. I really hope I’m wrong here… :fearful: Let’s hope for the best.

Oh by the way, I (nearly) forgot: The “Why not” would be question to the dev’s. I’m not one of them :smiley:


I just want the option to get rid of links altogether. They ruin an otherwise elegant dashboard.

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