How to remove searchredirect

Guys, since last restart I got redirected to and then to after putting something in the address bar.
No new stuff was installed got only 3 extensions:
AddArt 2.4.3
click to translate 1.6.3
Crx mouse crome 4.4.4
I’ve daectived all search engines except of google.

The one thing I’ve done was to enable 2 Adblock filters from fanboy. But they are also deactivated now.

I’ve install now the nightly one, as I have to work further :slight_smile:
I am running:
Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45

any advise would be nice

Guys, sorry not to try to disabling it before post but I had never a problem with that for weeks so i didnt thought about it
the guilty one was “click to translate 1.6.3”

Funny part is I installed the nightly brave and searched for the extension as it is cool.
But I didnt found it… So we know why.


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