How to remove custom token or network from wallet

Brave Version: 1.32.113


I added Polygon network to the wallet and added a custom token (PolyDroids). But I must have made some mistake since the value (and/or denomination) is wrong.
The wallet should show me 2 DROIDS instead it says 0.000100 DROIDS.

Is it possible to edit the custom token’s settings? Or delete it and re-enter the details again (then hopefully correctly). Or even delete the Polygon network and set it up again (in case the error was there).
And maybe then somebody could help me to enter the PolyDroids custom token correctly since I don’t know what I made wrong. Contract address is: 0x89dC21803D48023A7c3b2731F36D5755AE9Ea855

Thanx in advance!

did you double check on the blockchain to see if it’s that many you have?

You can go to brave://settings/wallet then in the networks list double click the network that you want to edit. Change the decimals value to the correct value and then click save.

@tsa Yes, and I already had the 2 DROIDS before the Brave Wallet update. But with the update the wallet seems to have lost all settings regarding Polygon network and custom tokens.

@brian Ok thanx, so according to several how-to’s found in the www I configured Polygon network correctly, especially the decimals:

So maybe something’s wrong with my custom token config. Is it possible to change the config? I have not found a place there that can be double-clicked.

If you want to add a custom token then you can do it by:
Clicking on “+ Visisble assets” in brave://wallet, then on Add custom asset

Is there a way to remove a custom token? Or at least hide them.

@ancho85 Yes, you can do so by visiting brave://wallet and clicking on "+ Visible assets”.

Then you can hide a custom token by unchecking it or delete it using the garbage can icon.

Is there a way to show the can or the checkbox? I dont see them

Double clicking is not working for me now strangely. And the transactions are also not going through. (Waiting at the “submitted” stage) Can it be a bug, connected with these two?

Edit: I’ve added a new chain (BSC) to test the menu and this time there is an option to edit it but AVAX chain still can’t be edited. This must be a bug and it may somehow affect the transactions at the same time? Cause they’re also not working, stuck on the “submitted” phase

Could you try changing away your currently selected network before editing?

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