How to remove Cryptowallet Notifications/Setup

Is there a way to stop the notifications that regularly tell me to set up Cryptowallets? I don’t plan on using this feature, and the constant popups are becoming annoying. I have the wallet disabled already in settings.

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Can you share a screenshot of the notification that you’re seeing on your end?

I’m not this user, but I’m having the same issue and have also disabled wallets. I get notifications every time I view any website or tab within and it’s annoying. Here’s a screenshot.

I disabled all crypto-related widgets from the main Brave screen/dashboard (where it shows trackers blocked, etc), and it seems to have stopped for now. I’m waiting to see if they happen again. From what I remember, the notifications were very similar or identical to what user bqri posted here. A banner at top reminding me I need to setup.

In testing, I also still get reminders visiting Web Archive:

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Thank you both for reporting this. I’m forwarding this information to the team now to see if we can isolate the issue.

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