How to remove annoying pop up on Browser AND how to turn flash player on

How can i eliminate the pop up on the left side of the top of the Browser bar where it shows the bagged-head suggesting search engine default and/or 'Add Chrome to
In addition, how can i allow or permit usage of Flash Player when i go on certain site that utilizes it? Thanks a lot!

For flash, go to the site you want, click the padlock icon in the address bar, select Site settings… You should see Flash and select Allow.

For the other parts of your inquiry, I have no idea about bagged-head but i’d imagine selecting a default search engine in settings would get rid of it…

Thank you very much! Vincent. I’m just including a snippit from the browser’s pop up to better show then tell about it :slightly_smiling_face: And that’s where i was trying to de-pop-up and have been reading a little on it but i think i got a little confused.

But Thanks a lot for the method on the other !!!


afaict, that “popup” comes from the page you’re on… as long as you go to, you’ll always see that… You could use something like the ublock origin extension and use the picker on that “popup” element to make it disappear…

You’re so great to know of the solutions and I appreciate it alot!
Thanks again Vincent, and Take Care**


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