How to remove a bookmarks in IOS homescreen widget?

Hi, How to remove a bookmarks in IOS homescreen widget ? I can add but did not find the way how to remove one.

bump, nobody cares / know ?

@stylo one of the reasons yours may be going unanswered is you did not put your topic in a category and provided very little information. Typically there’s a template that shows which asks you things like which version of Brave you’re using and more explicit details of your issue. Also tends to help if you share things like which version of iOS you’re using.

I’ll move your topic over to the proper category and will circle back later to try to help. Truthfully I don’t use the widget. If you were talking about the Dashboard on the New Tab Page, I might be able to help. But assuming you are indeed speaking about the home screen on your phone/tablet, right?

Thank you.

Still no solution for my pb so far.

Long press on it and tap and remove option should show up

This will remove the entire widget. I just want to remove 1 or 2 apps from inside the widget.

Do it from the browser app and it should remove the websites you do not like to have there.
iOS widgets unfortunately do not give you an option to remove items from them

I have been looking for this as well but the set of shortcuts in the widget don’t appear nowhere in the bookmarks

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