How to recover my brave wallet after format? or Why you didn't tell me to do back up in advance?


Turning on the brave payments was so easy and seemed safe because there was no warnings etc and I put about 30$ from Binance wallet. After I cleaned my computer to make free space, I reinstalled brave browser and I found my wallets gone. I guess there is no way to recover if I didn’t backup but I think it is important to notice users how to back up their wallet before they put their money in.


Hi @Epikem

If you deleted your entire Brave profile then yes, you will have to start over. However, if you did not delete your entire Brave profile then we might be able to grab some information and get your wallet back.

Additionally, we currently have a request logged to prompt users to back up their wallets. However, we will not be forcing users to back up a wallet.


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