How to recharge my account?

Can someone explain to me how I can place my rewards in my wallet, which I have created for Brave, if in Germany my wallet cannot be verified in any way? Uphold and Gemini do not work here!!! Am I making a mistake I’m not aware of? Or do the rewards in Germany not make any sense? I hope to get an answer soon! Thanks

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, at this time, Uphold and Gemini are the only custodial account providers. You can still earn and accumulate your Brave Rewards. You can also use them to tip creators and content providers. Hopefully in the future they will add more custodial account providers.

Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are two different things. You cannot transfer your Rewards into Brave Wallet directly. The only way to get Rewards Bat into Brave Wallet is to transfer BAT deposited into a custodial account to your Brave Wallet.

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