How to receive money

On the Brave console I have a BAT but in the last several months I have not received it through a Paypal account. How do I get money commensurate with my effort? Don’t close the topic yet.

Go answer me. Don’t avoid me like that. You won’t pay me because the price of BAT goes up? Need a satisfactory answer for me. @steeven @Aa-ron

My account is not locked, no policy violation. I talked to you many times and you informed me that if I complete the wallet verification I will get the money. But I verified a long time ago and still haven’t received any coins. Is there any other problem here that I haven’t received payment yet?

Hey. Come here give me feedback and pay my money. I see you are active in the community. @steeven @Aa-ron

Answer me. And please DM me back. I need my money @steeven @Aa-ron

Hello. Have you guys done right with the nature of a big browser like Brave? There isn’t any ridiculous reason not to pay me. Are you lying and not paying me? Reply back to me, I will strongly condemn @Aa-ron @steeven

Why don’t you guys avoid paying me? The community will lose faith in you. @Aa-ron @steeven

@khanhkid I don’t know if you are aware of this

I am a publisher in Japan. And I receive payment in Paypal. If there is new information they have to inform me but they are silent. Is that how publishers get paid? Are there more specific instructions? Thank you

the release notes are posted here in the forum every time there’s a new version…

not sure, maybe @Adrian_02, @GreenBananaPorridge or @SaltyBanana have more info on this.

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I need an answer from @steeven or @Aa-ron to explain better. I have private DM and no response yet. It is very absurd that someone verifies a short time and has received . As for me, I have waited a year but still have not received the money.