How to read previously saved passwords on brave browser


i cannot find a way to read previously saved passwords.


Could you elaborate what exactly you are trying to do?


I want to visually check the existing password composition as stored in the Brave Security list. I have started having problems signing into sites I’ve visited for several years since changing to Brave. I can find no way to check those that exist as with other browsers.


There seems to be no way to see stored passwords if we use Brave’s built-in password management.

Please tell me how to view the stored passwords.


Hi @j2fs,
For Brave in desktop, you can see stored password in about:passwords or click Menu > Windows > Passwords.


No - what I see in the “passwords” column is a series of asterisks - and nothing I do reveals the actual passwords.

I don’t need to know which sites Brave has stored passwords for - I need to know the actual passwords themselves.


If you click on the clipboard icon next to the password in about:passwords and then paste it in a word editor it shows the passwords. You cannot see the password revealed on the page itself.


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