How to re-set rewards on Mac

I cannot find the way to re-set my rewards on one of my Mac. One works perfectly but another blocked the rewards after Update bs “I am in a region where Brave rewards is not available” It was Okay before last Update as I am in US. I saw a lot of posts about fully re-set rewards on the devise and correct the country but I cannot find how to do it. I’ve reset setting in Brave but it didn’t help. Can some one tell how to just re-set rewards?

@wintertan This may not be the solution for you, as all depends on what you’re seeing. However, to answer your question: To reset you go to Hamburger MenuRewardsManageReset

What is the exact message you’re getting?

Doesn’t matter about whether you’re in the US necessarily. Big question is, did you submit documentation for the US? For example, if you used a passport from India to verify and now you live in the United States, it’s going to see you in India.

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